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Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
this organization is ready to push the panic button just yet. michael rizzo was quoted as saying don't jump off of the bridge. that is the key tomorrow. they're still alive tomorrow and friday and on to the national league championship series. this is a team that has been the best in baseball for most of the season and they need to get back to that and they're not out of it yet. >> and a win-win game. if we, you know, win that game tomorrow, then again the next day with our guy on the mound and come out tomorrow and hopefully put a couple of early runs and put our picture -- give our pitchers loweway. >> we're not getting hits -- leeway. >> we're not getting hits. not a right time. the five games for a reason. >> and, you know, i take that for granted, you know, we're not out of this by a longshot. and that is in the ball game tomorrow and a few key hits. right back in it. she is back to -- worse than this. i like my ball club and they come out and play a good game tomorrow. >> and the two main issues, timely pitching and hitting, giving up 11 total runs in the three-game series
Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
and a solo shot, the 25th of the year, tied at 1. bottom of the 8, 3-1, michael morse to deep right, a 2-run home run and with that 18th of the year, clenched the best record in baseball and some home fold advantage throughout the play-offs and the journey begins sunday on the road where they will take on the cards or braves. >> andna is a huge advantage and i think that that is's feeling a lost us have not had the chance to feel before and that is cool. >> i don't think anyone cared and they're all good ball clubs. either way you look at it, we're going to have to go through them at some point, so, it was not a big issue on who or where we start. >> also, davie johnson left the game in the seventh inning with numbness in his left leg. the x rays revealed there might be nerve issues in his back and he's going to take anti- inflammatories and he will be fine. we're watching the redskins health as well. pierre garcone and trent williams, they were full go in practice and evan royster and robinson, they were limited in their workload today. big one coming up on sunday. rg3, of course, he'
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the road. yesterday, ryan zimmerman last the home crowd, 25 runs on the season for him and michael morris teed off as well for the team's 98th win and that is a 95-1 final. the orioles -- orioles game didn't go as well and that is because of what he needed to get out of the season and he hit two home runs and three yesterday. the top 4-1, meaning baltimore visits the texas rangers in friday's one-game wild card play-in and getting the start. the first pipe, 8:07. >> we were fortunate enough to be moving on and have something important on inside and that is where our eyes are set. of course we want to host the game at camden yards and have a game in texas on friday that we need to host the game and we need the full support. >> and to football, calling last week's win over tampa the third -- robert griffin 3's best game yet and taking a step further, naming him the offensive rookie of the month and the first to win it. the counterpart this summer might be the hot nest league and matt ryan's quarterback lead is 1-12 and has big play target. >> they have the hard hottest quarterback in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3